Student Of Life

New experiences chaser

Variety is the spice of life. I always love learning new things and trying out stuff. That is what got me into programming. However, I fell in love with JavaScript and the ability to make computer do anything I like. That is an amazing power. Now I enjoy using the power to create new things and teaching students how they can build their own dreams from ground up. In free time I chase new experiences and enjoy a good party

  • Tech Consulting
    App Development & Marketing Consulting

    Developing applications is just one of my passions. Sometimes, it is a much bigger challenge to see these apps in the real world, where real people are using them to solve their problems in a much easier way. After years of work in marketing & app development, I always enjoy a new challenge and bringing new apps to the world.

  • Full Stack Development
    Angular / React + Node + Rethink / Mongo

    You need an application? Web, mobile, desktop? All 3 perhaps? I can help. Using develop once, deploy everywhere techniques and beauty of JavaScript I can bring any idea to life. Let us make something amazing!

  • Shopify Guru
    Shopify App & Customization Development

    Shopify has quickly become the biggest ecommerce platform. However, there are still many things missing. This is what I love. Making apps & customizations to do something you need but never could find. Now, you can just ask for it 😉

  • Teaching
    JavaScript & Web Development

    Doing is great, however, true satisfaction comes from teaching. After years of teaching JavaScript, HTML/CSS & most recently Rust, I enjoy seeing my students understand programming and of course getting paid to develop amazing things. I always love sharing my knowledge and letting my students build their own dreams.

Partners & Clients

Some of the amazing people I work with